Our Approach

We offer weekly self-defence classes for adults and kids, 40+ classes, women only self defence, seminars, corporate workshops and bespoke personal safety courses, private tuition in self-defence.

Krav Maga is aimed towards anyone who wants to gain combat and self defence skills in order to be able to deal with the violent situations in today's reality.

Our Story

Institute Krav Maga is a professional provider of Krav Maga Self Defence and Fitness classes nationwide, established by Arthur Dziadkowiec Black Belt Expert Level 5, Director/Head Instructor.

Our venture in Waterford was opened in January 2014, from our very first class we strived to teach practical and logical solutions to real life attack situations. We pride ourselves on keeping our training reality focused and honest, as we say in class " There is no silver bullet for surviving an attack, but the more we train the more solutions we learn to increase or odds of escaping or surviving the attack." We also have a Fight Back ASAP attitude. Each week our classes include tactics, awareness training and conditioning. Join us in our new full time premises and experience what we have to offer.

Meet the Team

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Attila Farkas


A former chef who's got the moves like Jagger.

james walsh krav maga

James Walsh


Firefighter and dad, promoting positive community in our neighbourhood.

siobhan krav maga

Siobhan Purcell

Child Protection Officer / Assistant Instructor

Three generations of her family have been training with us.


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