Regular Classes

Get fit and learn self defence on Thursday evenings (beginners) or improve your skills on Tuesdays (intermediates).

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Women Only Classes

Our 8 week Self Defence course is a uniquely designed program which caters specifically to women.

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Kids Classes

At the age of 6-11, lack the fine motor coordination that older children have. Our krav maga training program is designed within their range of capabilities and to be fun for them.

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Teens Classes

Bullying is something we can never change. However, we can teach courageous kids how to stand up and protect themselves.

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Krav Maga might look like something out of “Fight Club,” but proponents say the philosophy of the fighting system develops skills that translate to the office.

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Since 1993

Welcome to Institute of Krav Maga Waterford's official page

Krav Maga is a self defence system that anyone can learn and use, regardless of size, fitness level or strength. We only teach what has been tried, tested and proven to work effectively out in the real world.

Institute Krav Maga Waterford is growing on a daily basis and our success is due to our committed instructors and our loyal and determined students. We insist on quality and safety in training, which can only come from highly trained instructors, quality training equipment and hardworking student.

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Get fit, have fun and most importantly; BE SAFE!

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